Ministry Support Services

Psychological Assessment for UK-based Christian Ministry

This is an in-depth psychological evaluation that assesses suitability for work in UK-based Christian ministry. The candidate completes a detailed questionnaire and then attends for a face-to-face interview. Areas assessed include psychological resilience, self-awareness, social awareness, teachability, leadership, and more. A written report is produced for the agency and the candidate and, where applicable, includes recommendations for the individual’s continued wellbeing. The interview lasts from one and a half to two and a half hours.



Ministry Support

Christian ministry can be fulfilling but it can also be stressful and draining. We offer a support service that is confidential, safe and explicitly Christian. An initial 90-minute review identifies the key issues. It can cover work, mental health, spiritual wellbeing, family, and so on. If further help is needed, then we can identify together what form that might take. It could be counselling, coaching, spiritual direction, or it might just be chatting and praying together. Our heart is to come alongside you, listen and talk, and partner with God in whatever He wants to do, and to use our training and skills in that.




We’d love to provide training for individuals or staff teams, drawing on our skills and experience. We have recently provided training on Managing stress in a Godly way, Dealing with disappointment and discouragement, and Young people and mental health issues. If there’s a particular topic you have in mind, please discuss it with us.

We would negotiate the price with you when we had a clear idea of your needs.



We are available to provide consultations about psychological or wellbeing issues. For example, you might be concerned about a member of your congregation and need to speak to a professional.

£50 per one hour session







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