Returners Personal Reviews

A personal review or debrief is a time for those who have been living overseas to reflect on their experiences and prepare for what lies ahead, whether that is returning to the field or settling back into the UK. This is a personal time and different from the type of debrief that you might have with your agency.

Personal Review

Adult (16+) 90 minutes

This is an unhurried, confidential time with an experienced counsellor in which to reflect on the overseas experience, including work, relationships, and issues faced. It is both structured and client-focused and aims to strengthen psychological and spiritual wellbeing. Normally, no report is sent to the agency unless requested by the client.



Child 45 minutes

Even quite young children (eight and above) can enjoy and benefit from their own talk-time. This is an opportunity for them to reflect in a safe, understanding and comfortable environment. Mum or Dad can be present if they wish.



Extended Personal Review


This is for clients who have had a particularly tough time overseas involving conflict, strained relationships or other significant difficulties. A number of appointments are concentrated over two to three days. They provide an opportunity to evaluate the impact of the experiences, assess coping strategies, and make recommendations for future spiritual and psychological wellbeing. The initial session is 90 minutes whilst subsequent sessions are one hour each.

Initial Session of 90 minutes £140

Subsequent Sessions of 60 minutes £70


Mid-term Psychological Assessment

90 minutes

This service is part Psychological Assessment and part Personal Review. It is designed for clients who are part way through their assignment with an agency. It provides a psychological assessment that will help the client and the agency know how the client is doing, whether they are fit to continue their assignment, and what help and support they need whatever the conclusion. At the same time, it provides many of the benefits of a Personal Review. The session lasts about 90 minutes and a report is written.






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