We get great feedback from all of our clients here at HL360, here are some examples of what people have said about our services.

“Thanks so much for the time we had in our interview few weeks ago. I found this to be very beneficial and a very accurate report of myself.  I have since purchased the book Landmarks an Ignation Journey by Margaret Silf – excellent book- very much what I have needed and will help greatly.”

- A Ministry Candidate Psychological Assessment review.


Thank you for your excellent support in my deployment.

- A Doctor working in Sierra Leone with Ebola victims.



 …. ‘it was always assuring to come here, see a doctor and counsellor, to know someone cares and has time to listen, and that they, having been in the Mission field themselves, understand me!’  

-MECO worker, 20 years in Middle East



“Please could you pass on my thanks to all at HealthLink360 there for all they did to get the family through their medicals and psychs. We have (again!) had good reports back from them of their time with you, and so I wanted to pass on my thanks to you all.”

-From a sending agency using our services for their workers.


“thank you for your medical services to this couple on our behalf. I have been impressed and blessed by the service we have received from your whole team and have much appreciated Dr X’s helpful communications with their expressions of care for ….!”

-From a sending agency regarding a couple returning from Southern Africa



“I am experiencing a level of peace which, prior to your help, I feared would never be restored and my thoughts, although sometimes painful, are ordered and within my control. I am sleeping better and feeling less vulnerable.Most of all, the burden of crushing sadness is lifting and I feel hopeful for the future.”

-From a Post Trauma Client



“ I’ve appreciated immensely the care and advice given by HealthLink360 staff, both in person and over email. The responses are always quick and the staff are very thorough with their investigation, advice, and offer of further help/advice.  Keep up the good work!”

-HealthLink360 client


“Thank you for the advice given me. It helped me to stop worrying.  It is great to be able to talk to an expert like this.  Going to the doctor in this country can be scary without the language skills needed.  All the best to you and your staff.”

-From a client working in Brazil



“It continues to be such an encouragement to have you as a resource….. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you…..Thank you for being part of our ability to be here!”

- From a client working abroad



“Well, thank you once again for all your help & insight on this last health situation that we’ve experienced here. You will never know how much peace of mind it gives us having your service for trustworthy advice / a sounding board for our medical situations here. It certainly makes being here a lot easier. We really do appreciate you guys!! Please could you pass on our thanks to [the specialist] for his expertise as well.”

- From a couple working in a remote location



‘My experiences over the last two and a half years and the help I have had at Healthlink360, has deepened my understanding.There is no adequate way of thanking you for your support and care over the last few months. You gave me the keys to unlock my pain and the love to face it. What a gift to have given me!’

-From a Post Trauma Client



“I just wanted to thank you and everyone who works at Healthlink 360 for your very kind and efficient dealings with us. As a family we found the day we spent at the centre last week very helpful and the atmosphere  very warm and welcoming.”

- From a family going embarking on mission work.

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