Experiencing the wanderlust?

International travel continues to be one of the world’s largest growth industries with travellers keen to experience increasingly exotic, adventurous or remote locations. Most travel experiences pass without incident, yet there is no such thing as risk free travel.

Regardless of destination, backpackers who may venture to areas where tourism is less well developed are more at risk of vaccine-preventable diseases than tourists and business travellers in high standard accommodation.

Living and working among local people provides a wealth of cultural and personal experiences but in many destinations may increase the risk of ‘close contact’ diseases such as meningitis and tuberculosis or serious blood-borne infections like Hepatitis B or HIV.

Additionally, longer stays increase the risk of acquiring an infectious disease. A longer stay eg backpacking around South East Asia may include higher risk seasons for certain diseases eg Japanese Encephalitis .

Rural areas and basic accommodation can increase the risk of insect borne diseases like Yellow Fever and malaria or food and water borne diseases such as Hepatitis A and Typhoid.

At HealthLink360 travel clinic our team of medical and nurse specialists have both personal and professional experience of travelling overseas and have developed high levels of expertise in:

  • advising travellers planning a backpacking trip
  • complicated itineraries
  • long term anti malarial protection
  • living cross culturally

We provide the following services:


  • A travel consultation with one of our travel health specialists includes
  • A risk assessment tailored to the individual
  • Country specific, up to date advice on recommended vaccinations, antimalarials and particular health risks
  • Advice on managing any medical conditions and general health abroad
  • Provision of in-house advice leaflets and useful resources

An appointment should be made at least 4 weeks prior to departure or 6-8 weeks before if requiring, for example, a course of Hepatitis B or Rabies vaccination.

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Travel Accessories

Products such as insect repellents, mosquito nets and water purifiers are an important part of your healthcare regime in many destinations overseas. We have a comprehensive range of evidence based accessories available at HealthLink360.

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We stock a full range of vaccinations, antimalarials and other travel health medications and products

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Post travel

Post-travel Check up

Many tropical diseases only present weeks or months after exposure. Our post travel check up offers a 30 minute medical dealing with specific travel health issues eg Bilharzia or stomach problems