Travel Products

At HealthLink360 Travel Clinic we stock a range of evidence based accessories which can help to keep you healthy and safe when travelling overseas. Some of these are particularly important if you are travelling to remote or rural areas in tropical or developing countries. Below is a selection of our favourites. If you wish to purchase anything you can do this at your appointment or contact us and we can post out to you. If you do not see what you are looking for we can order it for you.

  • Solo First Aid Kit

    Solo Traveller, Needles, Syringes, IV cannula, Dressings, Gloves £31.99

  • Mosquito Nets

    Expedition Solonet Single£26.99

    Boxnet Treated Double £24.99

  • Insect Repellants

    DEET 50% Roll-on 50ml £4.99

    DEET Spray 100ml 50% £6.50

    DEET Spray 100ml 50+% £6.99

    NATURAL PUMP SPRAY 100ml Eucalyptus £6.99

  • Mosquito Coils

    Pack Of 10 Coils & 2 Stands £2.50

  • Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

    Chemical Water Disinfection, pack of 30 Tablets £10.50

  • Aquapure Water Filter Bottle

    The ultimate water purifier £34.99

  • Aquapure Replacement Filters

    Replacement filter cap assembly comprising the cap, carbon filter and iodine sleeve £29.99

  • Mediven Flight Socks

    DVT Prevention Flight Socks S/M/L/XL £19.99