Humanitarian Agencies & Volunteers

Caring for the health of volunteers and humanitarian aid workers worldwide

Increasing numbers of people of all ages are taking up opportunities to live and work in countries with cultures different to their own. Many are motivated to give of themselves to others in less wealthy societies.

These individuals frequently go to countries with high risks to both health and security. Many of the projects they join lie in countries suffering from widespread communicable diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis.

Individuals may also be working in environments where they are likely to be exposed to challenging sights of injustice, human suffering and deprivation.

At HealthLink360 we understand these concerns. Embracing our ethos of ‘whole person care for global workers’ we offer a range of medical, psychological and travel health services for humanitarian aid workers and volunteers. Our pre-assignment services for those considering working overseas for the first time include candidate assessment, medical examination and travel health care for volunteers. For those mid-assignment or on final return home we offer personal review, medical examination. In some instances Trauma debrief may be appropriate.

Personnel may range from individuals on short term projects to ‘Gap’ students or those serving with voluntary or aid organisations for longer periods.

We offer our services so you can be effective in yours.



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