Mission Agencies & Partners

Helping Mission Agencies to meet their duty of care to their mission partners

Here at HealthLink360 we have been assisting Mission Agencies to care for their overseas partners for more than 25 years.

Cultural transition is one of the most serious psychological stressors, while mission personnel frequently go to countries with high risks to both health and security. Premature termination of contract and early return is often traumatising for the individual or family and has serious financial implications for the organisation. This level of repatriation may exceed 15%.

We understand these concerns. Embracing our ethos of ‘whole person care for global workers’ we offer a comprehensive range of medical, psychological and travel health services for mission personnel. Our pre-assignment services include services designed for those considering working overseas for the first time, including candidate assessment, medical examination and travel health care. For those mid-assignment or on final return home we offer, personal review, medical examination or post travel check up. In some instances Trauma debrief may be appropriate.

Personnel may range from individuals on short term projects to families undertaking medium to long term mission posts overseas.

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