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Employees may travel on short trips to destinations classed as high risk for serious diseases such as Hepatitis B, HIV, Rabies or malaria. Whether you are a business traveller or employer we offer the following services to help ensure that you or your staff are informed, adequately protected and remain in good health while overseas.

What should I do next?

Step 1: If possible check your travel destination at the Fit For Travel website to get an idea of what vaccinations you might need. Don’t worry if this isn’t possible - we’ll discuss and confirm this information during your consultation.

Step 2: Contact us to book an appointment. This should be done at least 6-8 weeks in advance of your holiday if possible. We also offer last minute appointments, so please get in touch if you are travelling soon.

Step 3: We’ll email a medical/health questionnaire for you to complete.

Step 4: Come to your appointment at our clinic and bring any previous travel vaccination records you might have. If you have any special requirements or are anxious about anything please contact our reception staff to discuss any concerns.

Step 5: Payment can be made by cash, cheque or card at reception.

Step 6: Follow up appointments maybe required for a course of vaccinations.

Additional health concerns?

if you have any worries about your health before international travel, contact your GP in the first instance. An online Health Screening service is available as required.

  • Health Screening for Short-Term Travellers. Age 18-30 (Online Service) £40

  • Health Screening for Short-term Travellers. Age 30+ (Online Service) £50

Travel Accessories.

Products such as insect repellents, mosquito nets and water purifiers are an important part of your healthcare regime in many destinations overseas. We have a comprehensive range of evidence based accessories available at our clinic. View a selection here.


We stock a full range of vaccinations, anti-malarials and other travel health medications and products. For our full price list click here.

What about when I get back?

Post-travel Checkup

Many tropical diseases only present weeks or months after exposure. Our post travel check up offers a 30 minute medical dealing with specific travel health issues eg Bilharzia or stomach problems. Geared to those returning from short term assignments (less than 1 year) this short medical addresses specific health issues such as schistosomiasis or stomach problems. Any tests carried out will be specific to the clinical concern. Separate charge may be necessary for certain tests.