Healthcare for Global Working Families

We have extensive experience of caring for those who embark on missionary and aid agency work as a family. We cater for those who attend locally as well as families from further afield.


Before you go, while you’re there, and when you return

Founded in 1983, HealthLink360 has welcomed hundreds of missionary and global-working families through its doors. The clinic has moved over the years and now is 8 miles from Edinburgh in Carberry, close to Musselburgh. It serves local travellers through a travel clinic and global travellers from across the UK. Services for families include health screening, pre, mid and post-assignment medical and psychological care, debriefs, vaccinations and counselling. If you are a family simply looking for travel vaccinations, please visit our travel clinic page.

Ideal for families

Services are all available under one roof, and often appointments can be scheduled to take place within a single day. Families often stay in the nearby Premier Inn and come to the clinic by taxi, sometimes staying on to enjoy a day out in Edinburgh. We have a kitchen with basic food preparation facilities, and a small library. Upstairs is a large room where families on all-day visits can relax while they wait. Outside are the grounds of the Carberry Estate with a a variety of woodland trails to follow, and Carberry Hotel with a cafe and bistro.

Serving families from across the UK

We regularly receive visitors from outside of Scotland to HealthLink360. We are located 40 minutes by taxi from Edinburgh Airport, or 10 minutes by taxi from the nearest train station. For those who require full preparation or debrief we organise appointments across one or two days for families, which can include travel vaccinations, medical check-ups and mental health support, all under one roof. Affordable accommodation is available nearby.

Services we offer:

(For full descriptions of the services listed below click here.)


Before you go

Psychological Health

  • Candidate Assessment for Prospective Overseas Workers - £275 Adult (90 - 150 mins)

  • Wellbeing Assessment - £95 Adult or Young Person (45 mins)

  • Adult or Young Person Counselling Session - £50 (60 mins) We can work with individuals or couples.

Medical Health

  • Short-term Workers Medical Screening Adults 16+ (Online) - £50

  • Pre-assignment Medical for Adults (16+) - £230 (60 minutes)

  • Pre-assignment Medical for Children - £140 (45 minutes)

Travel Health

  • Travel clinic services are available at our clinic. We can make site visits for group vaccinations.

  • For a list of travel vaccinations and medications available at our clinic click here. 



Psychological Health

  • Mid-term Psychological Assessment - £165 Adult

  • Adult , Young Person or Child Counselling Session (In person) - £50

  • Adult , Young Person or Child Counselling Session (60 minutes. By Phone/Online) - £50

Medical Health

  • Mid-assignment Medical £200 Adult (16+) 90 minutes

  • Mid-assignment Medical £140 Children 60 minutes


When you return

Psychological Health

  • Personal Review £155 Adult 16+ (90 minutes)

  • Extended Personal Review £155

    For clients who have had a particularly tough time overseas involving conflict, strained relationships or other significant difficulties. Initial Session of 90 minutes £155/ Subsequent Sessions of 60 minutes £75

  • Personal Review for Children (45 minutes) £70

  • Adult or Young Person Counselling Session - £50 (60 minutes). We can work with individuals or couples.

Medical Health

  • Post-assignment Medical £265 Adult 16+ (90 minutes)

  • Post Assignment Medical £200 Children (60 minutes)

  • Short-term Workers Medical Check-up Adults 16+ (30 minutes) £130