Caring for those who care for others.

HealthLink360 was born out of personal experience: the experience of those who travel internationally to work, often in challenging circumstances, only to return home physically or mentally fragile. It’s not uncommon for global workers to leave home unprepared. For thirty-five years we’ve been trying to change this by providing an expert level of care to our clients before they go, during their assignment, and when they return. HealthLink360 offers medical and psychological and travel services to a wide range of missionary, humanitarian, volunteer and medical relief agencies, while our travel clinic is open to all.


How we started.

HealthLink360 was founded by Dr Mike Jones and Elizabeth Jones in 1983.  Mike was Medical Specialist at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, a teaching hospital in Tanzania from 1976 -1982. After this life-changing experience in an intense and high-risk environment, Mike and his wife Elizabeth faced the difficulty of accessing the right type of care at home in the UK: somewhere where factors such as tropical disease, trauma and stress could be assessed in one appointment.

Recognising the need for a facility dedicated to missionaries and overseas workers, Mike and Elizabeth founded Care for Mission in 1983. This merged with Medeserve in 2007 to become HealthLink360. Through his work at Edinburgh’s Western General Hospital Mike became a world leading expert in Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases. This set the standard for the high level of expertise provided by HealthLink 360 until today: medical care offered by those with knowledge of location specific occupational and psychological health risks.

Our aim is to promote health and resilience through our in-house team of doctors, nurses, counsellors and psychologists. Our team has extensive expertise in appropriate diagnosis and treatment, psychological health care, vaccines and travel health care products. The team are based at our clinic, but undertake an increasing amount of work remotely via phone or internet. This means we can offer many of our services to agencies across the UK and internationally.

Why we do it.

Our history is the reason that when you come to us we take into consideration the whole person, body, mind and soul. Adequate time is allowed for each client. In our experience many GP’s have limited 10-minute appointment slots, which is often inadequate for the needs of a global worker. Hospital departments will only see travellers when they have clear symptoms suggesting that something is wrong.

We are committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our clients, enabling them to give of their best at home and around the world. All that we do is rooted in Christian principles, seeing each person as uniquely created and loved by God.

HealthLink 360 is a registered charity, which means all profits are returned into sustaining our facilities and ensuring that we can keep on providing our services well into the future. We offer our high quality services at competitive prices (see pricelist ).  In recent years we’ve extended our health and psychological services to workers and volunteers in the UK, especially those facing challenging situations or working environments. Our nurse-led travel clinic and counselling services are open to everyone - businesses, charities or individuals.

Please contact us if you’d like to find out more.