HealthLink360. A unique clinic in Scotland.

  • HealthLink360 is a travel health clinic situated 8 miles from Edinburgh, Scotland (View Map). We specialise in whole person medical care for global workers i.e. missionaries, humanitarian workers, volunteers and the agencies that represent them. We also run a travel clinic which is open to everyone.

Whole person care for a global generation

What is whole person care?

  • Whole person care means to deliver a health service that takes into account a person’s physical health as well as their mental health. This is extremely important for those who have been working internationally in challenging environments, or for those who are planning to.

What type of services do you offer?

  • Medicals, psychological assessments, debriefs, counselling and travel vaccinations, are all available at our clinic. For those who cannot come to our clinic, we offer many of our services remotely, online or by phone.

Do you have to be a global worker or volunteer to attend the clinic?

  • No. All of our services are available to the general public including travel health, workplace vaccinations and counselling. Our vaccination service is especially popular with business travellers and holidaymakers. The travel clinic is open Tuesday to Friday, with early appointments available.


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How to support us

HealthLink360 is a registered charity with the aim of providing the best possible care for global workers and volunteers, who often work for low or no pay, in risky and hostile environments. It is a unique facility within Scotland offering a complete care package to global workers within one clinic.

Funding from trusts, private donors and proceeds from the travel clinic help to support us. Although we charge for our services, it remains an ongoing challenge to maintain our medical team and facilities, and all donations are welcome.

HealthLink360 prepared NHS workers for deployment during the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, 2014.

HealthLink360 prepared NHS workers for deployment during the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, 2014.