Group Services

In recent years HealthLink360 travel clinic has seen an increase in short term group travel to exotic and adventurous locations and has developed a high level of expertise in providing health advice, programs and group vaccinations tailored to individual trips.

Among these groups have been:

  • School trips to Malawi, Ecuador and South Africa
  • Church aid and development trips to Rwanda and China
  • Scout building project trips to Kenya and Malawi
  • Corporate business aid trips to sub-Saharan Africa

Typically these trips last for 2-4 weeks.

Our clients have benefited from the entire group receiving consistent information and advice from a travel nurse specialist. Vaccination and treatment programmes are tailored to the individual.

Our group services include:

  • On site group consultations on what to expect at your destination, recommended vaccinations and staying in good health during your trip.
  • Group discounts for vaccinations and antimalarials
  • Individual post-travel medical check ups if necessary.

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Travel Accessories

Products such as insect repellents, mosquito nets and water purifiers are an important part of your healthcare regime in many destinations overseas. We have a comprehensive range of evidence based accessories available at HealthLink360.


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